wriiting.jpgFamily Education Plans (FEP):

How to make your home educationally sound and how to support the educations process for your child (see

Web-based materials or a 4-session series for parents to develop their own family plans 

Handling Homework Hassles:

Strategies to make homework time more effective and easier on the whole family. 1 hour workshop 

 Harnessing Homework Hassles PowerPoint

 Harnessing Homework Hassles Powerpoint - Spanish

 Harnessing Homework Hassles script

Kindergarten Readiness:

Ready! Set! School! is a website with fun activities that parents can do with their children to prepare them for the new adventure of kindergarten (see 

Strengthening Families:

A very approachable communication based parenting course that helps parents and their children learn skills that lead to better communication, discipline and understanding. Tailored for families with children 3-11 years old. 7-session intense, hands-on course to help all parents. 

8 Habits of Highly Effective Marriage:

A great course for couples that are ready to move to the next level of success. Life-long skills are taught that are applicable to every facet of one's life. 6 2-hour sessions.

Love and Logic:

Parenting is not rocket science (well maybe it is one of the seven mysteries of the world!) but it doesn't have to be. Life doesn't have to be quite the roller coaster it can be if you have a few skills that benefit you and your child. This course brings order to your world. 6 2-hour sessions. 


This is a high quality marriage course promoted by the Governor's Initiative on Families today. Healthy marriages lead to healthy families, which lead to children doing the best they can in school. 2 21/2 hour session course. 

School, Family, Community Partnerships:

A research-based parent involvement model that was referred to in the NCLB legislation. Works great for School Community Councils. Introduction= 45 minutes. Implementations training 4 hours. 

How to Advocate for Your Child Effectively:

Parents are their child's first teacher and their best advocate. Attendees are taught how to problem-solve and interact positively with the school community. I hour presentation. 

Helping Your Child Soar:

Understanding your Child's Multiple Intelligences: You know your child is bright but they just aren't flourishing at school. It may be that they learn things differently then how it is presented at school. This course introduces parents to all the intelligences. It increases understanding and school success. 11/2 hour presentation. 

10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School:

Just being aware of little things you do with your child can be positive influences on how they do in school. Learn ways to build self esteem, support getting homework done and helping your child become a great citizen. (2 hour presentation given to parent groups). 

 10 ways to succeed script

 10 Ways PowerPoint

Parents Role at Parent Teacher Conferences:

What to expect, what to ask, and what to bring. This is the most important visit you can make to the school to support your child's learning. 1 hour presentation.